The Zoo

Swipe right for first hand accounts of online dating -- cringeworthy, strange, and completely delightful.

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    A new couple boards a boat in Florida headed for Cuba. Once they've sailed, they find out that they have no navigational system, working motor, or captain.

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    Shattered Sense of Trust

    A woman struggles with dating after sexual assault. Please note: this episode contains frank discussions of sexual violence.

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    Different Conventions

    It's never too late to try online dating. This episode, we hear from Mary, who made her first profile at age 71.

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    The Hard Fade

    A young woman deals with a breakup the only way she knows how--like a journalist.

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    Message Me If You're Not A Predator

    A musician makes OK Cupid an integral part of her post-grad life. But her drive to find "nameless, faceless men" leads her to a surprising end.

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    The Mystery Trip

    After three months of dating, a couple embarks on a trip...where only one of them knows the destination.

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    God Loves Lesbians

    Two people grow up in conservative Christian households on opposite sides of the country. They both use online dating to find gay relationships. While one of them knows what he wants, the other one isn't so sure.

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    Average Joe White Guy

    Black men are far less likely to get matches and responses on dating apps. So a college student in Indiana tries a different tactic on Tinder.

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    Shoot the S**t

    There are two sides to every online dating story.

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    The Zoo: Sneak Peek

    Introducing the upcoming podcast, "The Zoo." Dive into intimate accounts of what it means to date online.

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